Prayers answered in the smallest of places

my Dad's smile and an answer to a Prayer

Maybe it was because I was listening to Sufjan Stevens Christmas album, or, maybe it was just one of those days.  But I was feeling a little down yesterday.  Nothing major, but I started to think about Christmas and how different Christmas is now without my Dad.   Then I started to think how proud my Dad must be of me for being more present with my mom and helping her out more than I had in my early adult life.  But what got me down was that I wish I could see his smile.  That smile only a son knows when his father is showing his pride for his son.  I am thankful that I have been able to see that many times in my life, even though I have seen it go the other direction more often than I like.  But as time has moved on, as with anything you are grieving, you start remembering more of the good times than the bad.

I said a prayer in my jeep yesterday morning after thinking about this.  I told God that I wish I could see my Dad’s smile again.  I meditated on that a bit while I was driving and had one of those small good cries with God as I drove to my Mom’s house.  Later that evening when I got home, I checked my mail and to my surprise there was clown nose sent to me as a promotion.  Being the playful fun person I am, I put the nose on and took a picture of myself.  Of course, being a little vain, I had to take several till I got the one I liked.  As I looked through the pictures I noticed something.  I saw my Dad’s smile in my smile.  It was almost identical.  Maybe it was because of the clown nose and it separating my smile from the rest of my face that made me noticed it, or maybe it was God.

The more I explore my faith and my prayer life matures, I find myself seeing God more and more in every day activities.  You always hear people argue that God is not present today and ask, why was he so more present in biblical times than he is today.  But I think one must be open to God to see his graces and presence.

So there I was last night, looking at my iPhone and saw a prayer answered.

Thanks be to God!


~ by Polish Jedi on December 19, 2011.

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