Sufjan Sevens breaks silence after 5 years with new EP “All Delighted People”

I was so excited this morning when I logged into Emusic and saw there was a new EP from one of my favorite indie song writer and musician Sufjan Stevens called “All Delighted People”.  I am a little bummed that we are not getting a new album in his ambitious endeavor of recording an album for all 50 states.  He has done Michigan, Illinois and thats it. I was hoping Indiana was next!  His Christmas album Songs for Christmas has become my all time favorite Christmas album.  Its very seldom you run across a singer song writer with popularity that sings his Christian faith in his songs.

The new EP is everything you would want from Sufjan.  There are two versions of  “All Delighted People”, one labeled (Original Version) and another (Classic Rock Version).  The original version reminds me a lot of  “Songs for Christmas”  same melancholy melodic droning melodies entwining between each other and plays for an impressive eleven minutes.  The second version is still very beautiful but a bit more upbeat with horns, its not really a classic rock sound by any means and has his twangy banjo in the background (which I just love).  With only one pass through the EP so far there is one line that has stuck out to me from the title track ” Hello darkness my old friend. Ive come to strangle you in spite of what you like” gives me an image of St. Michael battling evil.  The ending solo in the classic rock version of “All Delighted People”  is beautifully disjointed with a tinge of Spoon and Flaming Lips.  Just pure beauty to my ears

I highly recommend giving this EP a spin.  I am looking forward to giving this EP a proper spin with headphones

Peace and Love!


~ by Polish Jedi on August 24, 2010.

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