This morning.

Grrrrrrrrr! Don’t you just hate it when you push snooze too many times on your alarm clock.  I so wanted to get up early so I can read through the Magnificat this morning and do my morning prayers.  Here is the morning prayer I missed.  I will try to read through them this morning, but I am not able to dedicate the concentration to allow my soul to sing the praises God so deserves while at work.

I am trying to let God’s will run my body, mind and soul.  Its so hard sometimes.  Sometimes my will just barks and over shadows God’s voice.  I need to tell that needy little puppy inside of me to quiet down and to listen to the Master’s voice.  That’s what my prayer time is for me.  That’s what I missed this morning.  I know reading through the morning prayers at work is still good and God loves it just as much if I took the time to let my soul sing His praises, but it is also a perfect example how I let my will run.  Pushing snooze is such a meaningless thing, but its a prime example of my selfish will.  I feel, if I can break that selfish behavior, that it would be true progress for my soul.
Please Lord hear my prayers and my soul sing your praise.  Give me a new song to sing.  Take my eyes, mouth and ears and fill them with your love.  Allow me to see the beauty within all and to love with just a fraction of what your love is.  For your love is all giving and all glorious.  
Heavenly Mother and Queen, please take my hand and lead me to your Son, our God and His Spirit.  Fill me with your light, so that I can find my way back home into Your arms and carry me to our Lord who is all Love.
In Christ, Amen.

~ by Polish Jedi on May 11, 2009.

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