Sadness in my soul.

I have been experiencing some sadness in my soul.  I have a few friends going through some tough times, that I have been experiencing sadness for.  But I have also been experiencing loneliness and sadness of my own as well. 

I have a strong and supportive family (parents and sibling), but my soul longs for more.  I long for the feeling that I belong to someone and to share my life with someone.  I try to keep my focus on Christ, and most days he fills my heart with happiness and serenity.  But sometimes I feel empty inside and a darkness that over comes it.  I know God does this for trails.  I have read many stories from Saints about this darkness or spiritual dryness that arises.  I am not changing my prayers, other than increasing them.
I know God made us not to be alone.
Please Blessed Mother, hear my prayers for a spouse.  St Raphael please intercede, for my soul desires a family of my own, a spouse to grow with and to share life with.  Please Christ continue to fill me with your love and teach me to be more merciful to my brothers and sisters.

~ by Polish Jedi on April 20, 2009.

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