BASEBALL! Cardinals, Colby Rasmus, will he make the cut?

Ok, its been awhile since I posted something about Baseball.  One of my all time favorite topics.

I haven’t been able to follow the Cardinals spring training season that much since I have been so busy with work.  But I am getting really excited that we will be seeing Colby Rasmus in the outfield.  Its looking like we (yes I am sorry Mark Patrick, I say we when I am talking about my team on MY blog!) will have 4 men for the outfield this year.  I am really excited to see what Colby’s bat can do this year.  
Colby’s stats for this spring training in the Grapefruit League are as follows (yes I am going to copy and paste them, sorry again, provided by MLB)

G    AB    R    H   2B  3B  HR   RBI    TB   BB  SO  SB   CS    OBP      SLG      AVG
20    6    12   17   6     1      0      5      25     7   19   3     0    0.358    0.417    0.283

~ by Polish Jedi on March 26, 2009.

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