Lord, I was such a sinful fool, now i am a sinful tragedy. For my eyes have seen your light, I have been immersed in the merciful water and blood that gushes from your heart and have seen such grace and love.  The tragedy is the suffering I know I have to endure for my sinful soul.  But I know that you will cleanse me so I can live with you.  Some days I feel total silence.  Is it cause I am not listening?  Is it cause I am being too human and not humble enough.  Lord I beg to have more humility.  I ache to have more closeness to you.  I call on to you to send your spirit to help repent this sinful soul.  For I am out of the darkness, but I am still feeling myself around, for your light is blinding. Please Lord lead me. 

Oh Mother of God, take my hand and lead me thru the light of your son.  For I am a child of the pour banished children of Eve.  Please hear my ever loving supplication for your mercy.  I want to share in your suffering.  I humbly beg for you to lead my heart.  Show me the way to your son, the fruit of your blessed womb.

~ by Polish Jedi on February 23, 2009.

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