The Lady on the Bus

She was gesturing with her hands
Waving her arms
I was excited when I first got on the bus
It was still there,
I was running late

As I made my way thru
I was swimming within the thick air of emotions
That was consuming the bus

She was confused
Mumbling like a person without a language
Pointing and gesturing
Very agitated

I sat in my seat,


After watching the scene
I realized she just wanted to go home
She was so confused and alone
She was slapping her face were her tears were falling
She was so alone

I started to get teary myself
That loneliness
such an ugly feeling
The feeling of being lost
such an ugly feeling

So Sad
So alone
So frustrated
She was

Gratitude I felt
Grateful for my own problems
Grateful for my loneliness and confusion

But my heart sank

I was swimming in her despair
Not to be able to communicate
Feeling alone


Reminded me when I was 5 years old and lost at Sears
No one could understand me
I thought I was lost forever

I wanted to give her hope

I prayed


~ by Polish Jedi on August 28, 2008.

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