i say it again
for when i was alone
you filled me up and kept me empty
you gave me false promises of happiness
and empty feeling of hope
i would wake up in the morning
feeling weak and robbed
but always crawling back to you
to wet my lips with your empty promises

for you don’t know love
you just take and take
like the devil you spin your web
robbing me of my will
for a cheap moment of warmth
and empty happiness
for your bottle would always empty
leaving your glass carcass as a reminder
of what your doing to my soul

i cried to God to give me focus
but you clouded my vision
i cried to God to hear his voice
but you deafen me with your buzz
until God shook my very ground
and brought me to my knees
i was caught in your web
but now i feel free

for you made friend into a four letter word
you shall not steal my life again

~richard j. salewicz II


~ by Polish Jedi on February 27, 2008.

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