Wings etc, Baseball, and whatever else comes to mind

Well our first gig at wings etc went well. It wasn’t an overwhelming crowd, but they were enthusiastic and fun, and we kept people there. We started a new thing too. We have a list for people to sign with their email address and place a request for songs for us to learn. Since we are going to be playing there every Friday. So rock on!

On the baseball front, I am very disappointed in the Scott Rolen trade. I have always liked him, and he is defensively the best third baseman. Now, Glaus is a pretty good hitter and hits for power, gets on base and hits for average about a .254.

I have my spring training trip finalized. I will be going from March 4th – the 11th. Flying into Orlando, then driving down to Jupiter/Juno beach for five days. Then I will follow the Cardinals back up to Orlando and watch them at the Braves camp and go to Disney World!!!!! I haven’t been to Disney World since they first opened Epcot, and I was a wee little teenager (13 or so).


~ by Polish Jedi on January 15, 2008.

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