Clemens – What a Mess!!! A Game of He said, She Said.

He said, She said!

First off, I was not that shocked that his name came up on the Mitchell Report. In the public eye, it seems he has always been under suspension. But that does not make one guilty. We seem to quickly judge people that are successful or reported by the media of hearsay acts. I am very surprised that Mitchell was willing to name Clemens, and even Pettit on the word of a criminal. There is no backing information; no documentation, no checks, no positive drug test, no empty syringe, nothing! I find it irresponsible for him to be named in the report without any factual documention. There is a reason we have a judicial system and due proccess of the law. But today it seems that we trial people in the media. All you have to do is say someone did something in the media and all of sudden its the truth. We have became a society of Wikipedia. All you have to do is post it, and its fact. SCARY!! Just because someone says someone is guilty doesn’t make them guilty. But in the media, once it is said, the public takes it as a fact. I just think its irresponsible to make such accusation with out any factual backing, other than some one’s word.


~ by Polish Jedi on January 7, 2008.

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