way to go Cardinals (smell my sarcasm) – 40 days till spring training!

WOW, check it out we signed Matt Clement!! We already have Mulder coming back from shoulder surgery from last year that only pitched two games, but we sign a pitcher who didnt throw a pitch all last year due to having shoulder surgery! yehaaaaaaaaa! With Christ Carpenter down with Tommy John Surgery, we have the bionic pitching rotation.

All sarcasm aside, Clement does have some upside. Its just that, coming back from shoulder surgery is very difficult for a pitcher or any player really (look at Rolen). Its not as successful as elbow surgeries are.

Fingers are crossed thou! Hopefully Coach Duncan can get some productivity out of him and my prayers are with Mulder! I luv him, and the Cardinals has not really seen the dominating pitcher that we was when he was with the Athletics. I hope he comes back strong this year.

On other news, I broke down and bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Looks like I am doing floors all weekend.


~ by Polish Jedi on January 4, 2008.

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