Dropclaw – New Drummer

Ok, we are going to bring in a new drummer. Paul has decided that he is tired of playing drums. Actually I am looking forward to this. He is kinda of a stick in the mud about learning new songs. He wants to play more for himself than he does for the crowd. One of the reasons I joined this band, was that i wanted to do a music that people liked (as well as i do) and have a good time.

I do miss the original stuff and playing long out hippy jazzy jams and such, but its really fun taking control of a crowd and just rocking them out for a good time.

The new drummer is really good, has a damn good voice too (mine sucks lol). We have used Daryl before too to fill in when Paul couldn’t make it.

Also we are slowly bringing in a female vocalist. Right now we are doing a couple of Blondie tunes with her, and she is helping out with backing vocals (since I suck lol). So we are looking forward to her addition as well.

And dont forget, starting the 16th of January we are at Wings Ect. in Anderson EVERY FRAKING FRIDAY!!!!!! Good wings, good beer, and damn good rock n roll!


~ by Polish Jedi on January 4, 2008.

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