Its that time of the year when I start counting down the days till spring training. So right now its only 41 days till pitchers and catcher report for the 2008 Spring Training season! yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa! I am already itching to hear the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd.

I even started to look for tickets for the season to start planning some baseball trips. Even though I am a HUGE Cardinal fan, I am planning a trip to NYC this summer. Being the last season for Yankee Stadium (the evil empire)and for Shea Stadium, I really want to out there this summer. I have never been to either of those stadiums. Have to admit, I am a bit nervous going out there alone. Ridding the subways and stuff. Being a Midwesterner, I am use to people being nice and not so gruff too. But I am not going to let traveling alone stop me. Those stadiums are going to be gone forever. I am also going to try to hit Fenway Park, if I can swing it. But its not so dire for me to this year since there is no plans on tearing down that cathedral anytime soon.

41 days! I can’t wait.


~ by Polish Jedi on January 3, 2008.

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